Increasing Accessibility for People with Disabilities

Join the Conversation

BubblesThe B.C. government has launched a consultation to better understand how government, businesses and communities can increase accessibility and decrease barriers for people living with disabilities. The consultation is being guided by a leadership team made up of government, the disability community – led by the Minister’s Council on Employment and Accessibility, and the business community – led by the Presidents Group, to see what we, as a society, can do to reduce barriers and increase accessibility for people living with disabilities.

There are online discussion forums for each of the six theme areas:

  • Innovation in disability services and more freedom for persons living with disabilities
  • Personal supports, aids and devices
  • Work and contribution
  • Housing and accessibility in the broader built environment
  • Social networks to support people in community
  • Asset accumulation through the Registered Disability Savings Plan in particular

This comments, ideas and solutions gathered through this consultation will inform the development of a White Paper – a document that reflects the voice of British Columbians – that will form the foundation for a Summit in June on the issues facing people with disabilities in British Columbia.

I hope you’ll visit the site and consider participating in the online conversations. Please encourage your friends, families and colleagues to come online and have their say as well.