IDP/SCD Certificate Training

 T H E   U N I V E R S I T Y   O F   B R I T I S H   C O L U M B I A

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The Certificate program aims to provide students with a basic foundation of the knowledge and skills needed to work in Infant Development (ID) and Supported Child Development (SCD) programs. The Certificate they receive upon completion of the 5 courses will reflect the fact that they have taken this introductory level of training within a reasonable time frame (approximately 2-5 years) on a part-time basis.

The Diploma Program aims to provide additional professional and academic guidance to ID and SCC consultants, to raise their skill and knowledge levels beyond the introductory level, to enhance their level of practice, and to assist them in providing leadership. The Diploma that is awarded at the completion of the 10-course program is a terminal credential, which means that the credits earned cannot be applied to another University degree.

Some of the specialized courses offered are: 

  • EPSE 348 (3) Family-Centred Practice for Children with Special Needs
  • EPSE 406 (3) Typical and Atypical Development in Infants and Young Children.

Followed in any order by:

  • ECED 439 (Formerly EPSE 420): Assessment of Infants and Young Children with Special Needs
  • ECED 440 (Formerly EPSE 440): Supporting Social and Communication Development in Infants and Young Children with Special Needs
  • ECED 441 (Formerly EPSE 441): Early Intervention for Infants and Young Children with Sensory Loss and Motor Impairments

For general information contact IDSC Coordinator Iris Berger and for program advising and course approval please contact Program Advisor Bette Shippam