Our Logo
ASCDP logo by John Powell

The new and emerging Aboriginal SCD initiatives and programs needed a new and distinct logo to reflect the cultural foundation of their services.

A provincial logo for ASCD was developed by the artist John Powell and launched at the second Aboriginal SCD Symposium in September 2006. His beautiful logo for Aboriginal Supported Child Development depicts children and adults traveling together, carried by a juvenile eagle feather, crossing four bands of colour representing the four directions. The children and adults represent the generations of a community including parents, extended family members, Elders and community. The immature eagle feather represents both the developmental nature of childhood and the progressive stages of community capacity building and the process of developing new programs and services from the ground up. Communities across the province are welcome to use this logo in their local ASCD materials.

About the Artist

John Powell was born in Alert Bay, and is a member of the Mamalilikulla Band. He has been making his living as an artist since 1991. As a designer, he works primarily in fashion and interior design. He currently lives in the Comox Valley.